Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fake it til you make it

Saw this tonight on ig & thought of...me! Lol this blog was born at damn near my heaviest, when I made a decision. I wanted to change, I wanted to look different and feel different and be healthier. I wanted to be one of those girls who wore workout stuff and drank a lot of water and got up early to workout (instead of the sleepy, diet dew drinkin college student I had become). I wanted to wear short shorts and bikinis and leggins with sweaters without lumpy bumpy and without the help of spanx! Lol! 
So here's my advice to anyone who wants to change their life - just fake it til you make it baby. Post motivational things, google shit you want to know about food, wear yoga pants, carry a water bottle, try a zumba class, set your alarm and try to get up early, if you don't get up, try again tomorrow! Sign up for a 5k, buy some new sneaks, stretch, talk about it, post pictures about it, do whatever u gotta do. Just keep faking it until you make it. You don't have to be an expert to get started. You don't have to know what you're doing at all. You don't have to go on some crazy ass grapefruit diet. Just start doing what you wish you could and never stop. Ask people who seem like they have what you want. listen to them, then start learnig for yourself, dont take anyone's word for it, EDUCATE yourself. you will start to build something amazing in your own being. You will start to make it. You might fall off track, off the wagon, down in zumba, in the grass after a run, but wherever you fall pick that ass back up and keep goin!!! THAT is what counts. THAT is how you change your life.
Late night instagramming turns into late night motivational blogging. Ha! Goodnight 😘