Thursday, September 11, 2014

Healthy is HOT! Fit for Fall Challenge

Healthy is HOT!
Fit for Fall Challenge

Don't fall victim to all the sugary pumpkiny indulgence this fall - instead work on becoming a better you, and learn some healthy pumpkin recipes!!

It's back! After a break for summer in the Healthy is HOT challenges, many challengers have been asking when the next one is going to start... IT'S TIME! 

12 week program designed to help you learn, develop, and incorporate healthy habits and lifestyle choices. Weekly nutrition and fitness goals, discussion topics, homework, and accountability! Great for staying on track through the beginning of the hectic holiday season, where so many of us overindulge & skip the gym. 

YOU! That was easy. J This challenge is for women who want to eat better, feel better, and get healthier.

12 week program designed to help you learn, develop, and incorporate healthy habits and lifestyle choices.
  • ·         Weekly nutrition and workout goals – often  with video accompaniment
  • ·         10 day cleanse
  • ·         Healthy recipes/grocery lists
  • ·         Weekly discussion topics
  • ·         Biweekly phone check in - one on one with me
  • ·         Group 5k (training plan included – don’t worry if you aren’t a runner!)
  • ·         DAILY accountability, motivation, and support
  • ·         Progress tracking through weigh ins, progress pictures, and body measurements

September 22, 2014 – December 6, 2014

The fee for this program is $100/participant; this includes the program & cost of your challenge t-shirt.
As mentioned above, this program starts with a 10 day cleanse – I recommend using the AdvoCare herbal cleanse (~$31.50), if you order your cleanse through me, your program fee will be reduced to $75, essentially allowing you to include the cost of the cleanse in your program fee. To order: go to - I will receive a confirmation email once you have placed your order! J

Scale and fabric measuring tape
Notebook to track progress
App – MyFitnessPal
Access to Facebook
AdvoCare 10 day herbal cleanse
Measuring cups/spoons
Tupperware/baggies/lunchbox to pack foods daily
Food Scale
Blender ball Shaker cup
Positive attitude J
Gym membership not required, although beneficial – if you don’t belong to a gym, some home workout equipment such as free weights is recommended!

This program is largely based online through a private Facebook group where all information will be posted and where you can post. Information is private to those within the group and will not be shared publically without permission. I can say many people have had success with these challenges, if you are willing to be disciplined and push yourself. Being that we won’t see each other all that often, (but hopefully some!), I’m not there to know if you’re really sticking to the plan or not. At the end of the day, you are responsible for the work you do, or don’t do.