Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Resolutions

For the first time in 17 years, the end of summer drawing near does not mean returning to school. I graduated from The Ohio State University in it's 400th Commencement and final 'quarter' this past June with my B.S. in Human Nutrition, specializing in dietetics. This has been a huge accomplishment and sense of pride for me, and man am I glad to be done! ;)

However, that time is coming around for many Buckeyes to head back to campus for fall quarter. That means late nights studying, crisp leaves in the oval, warm coffee in hand while walking around campus, and of course FOOTBALL!! :) All these things scream fall to me, and while I HATE to see summer go, I love it when fall rolls around.All the delicious smells and sights, bonfires and fairs, carving pumpkins and picking out costumes for Halloween.


With the change of seasons from summer to fall, I always made a 'goals list', usually pertaining to school.. 
Don't procrastinate
Study more
Get good grades
Pack a lunch
Go to the gym between class
Usually something like that. :)

So why don't we all welcome in the change of the season with a list of resolutions that are positive and attainable, to enrich our lives and better our health so we can be 10 steps ahead of the game by the time cold bleary January rolls around and we start thinking we ought to lose weight and eat better after all those Christmas cookies made our clothes too tight, and *gasp* bikini season is right around the corner again! ;)

Last year I made a resolution to stick with my lifting program for 8 weeks, even if I wanted to try something else. I got great results and felt stronger and leaner than ever at Christmas.

So grab your smart phone or tablet or pen and paper and jot down a couple goals that you want to work on. Make them specific!!

Go to the gym for 45 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before or after work
Try one new healthy recipe a week for dinner
Train for a 5k
Walk the dog every evening and make it a family affair
Replace pop at lunch with water
Replace the grande Starbucks Pumpkin spice latte with whip for a tall non-fat version! (I think I blog about the Pumpkin Spice latte every year ;))

try to skip ones like

eat better
go to bed earlier
lose weight

Make them specific and measurable!
Did you go to the gym? Have you drank any pop? Did you try new recipes?
The goals can be ANYTHING you want. No matter how small. If it's important to you, jot it down and make it happen.
Let others in on your goals! Tell your family and friends and coworkers. Get them to join you.
Surround yourself with positivity, write notes to yourself, post motivating pictures, prepare to meet your goals.
If you seem to make the same resolutions every New years and they always seem to fail, think about WHY, try tackling it from a different angle. Never make it to the gym after work? Go before, or during your lunch.

Good luck guys! Feel free to share anything on my facebook page as you make and meet your goals! Pictures, ideas, inspiration, anything! We're all in this together!

Happy end of summer! xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Austin Stout's Top Ten Reason for Women on Weights!

I first met Austin in high school. He was several years younger than I was and a good wrestler. That was pretty much all I knew about him. Last year when I joined Metro Fitness in Delaware, Ohio, I ran into Austin again, and wow had he changed!! He is now the Fitness manager at the gym, and has changed quite a lot from the chubby wrestler I knew in high school. Through our passion of health/fitness/nutrition etc, we have made developed a friendship and Austin, knowing my passion for weight lifting and the results I've achieved through it, agreed to share his top ten reasons for us girls to skip the treadmill & head to the weight rack instead!

Meet Austin:

I have been involved in physical fitness and sports since elementary school. I started out playing optimist league football up untilmiddle school. I then played one more year of football in middle school before joining the wrestling team. That became my primary sport year around.  Since I was overweight, this became my base for fitness.  I was bit by the bug and haven’t let up since. I wrestled through high school, qualifying for the state tournament my senior year. I continue to volunteer as a coach for BuckeyeValley High School's wrestling team. Shortly after high school I continued to embrace my passion for fitness by getting into the competitive bodybuilding scene. I have competed in 5 competitions and won shows at the state andregional level. I recently competed in the National Physique Committee’s TeamUniverse National Bodybuilding Championship placing 4th in my weight division.Through bodybuilding I have learned so much from many knowledgeable individuals. The most important thing bodybuilding has taught is how to apply my book knowledge in a practical manner with my own clients. As a personal trainer and nutritional coach I enjoying sharing this knowledge with my clients and helping them meet their goals.

My Top Ten Reasons Women Should Weight Train
By: Austin Stout CPT, CNC

1. Weights Training Improves Body Fat Loss

Muscle needs more calories to function than fat. So by lifting weights, you build lean muscle mass, thereby increasing your body’s demand for energy. In essence you’ve increased your metabolism.

2. Lifting Weights Makes You Stronger In More Ways Than One

Everyone knows weight training improves muscular strength! Not only do your muscles get stronger, but so do your bones, ligaments, tendons and joints.

3. Lifting Weights Improves Your Flexibility

Improved range of motion and flexibility can be improved with weight training. This is beneficial not only in sports but when performing everyday tasks as well.

4. Lifting Weights Increases Your Sports Performance

Whether you play recreational sports for sun or play professionally, weight training will improve your performance.

5. Lifting Weights Makes You Sexy!

Nearly every female client I meet with wants to get “toned”. I hate to break it to you but spending the majority of your time on the treadmill isn’t going to accomplish this. When training will help you attain that shapely, firm look you are after. 

6. It will make you feel good!!

Weight training has the power to release large amounts of pleasure inducing endorphins. Not only does this make you feel good but it can fight the effects of stress and depression. 

7. May Reduce Your Risk Of Type II Diabetes

Weight training can help the body metabolize glucose more efficiently. This will lead to a better balance of blood sugar levels.

8. Lifting Weights May Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Studies have linked weight training to a reduction in the risk of breast cancer. Add your clean eating plan in conjunction with this and you can reduce your risk even more!!

9. Lifting Weights May Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

The heart is a muscle and like skeletal muscle, when you lift weights, it gets stronger too. A healthy heart is less likely to be at risk of heart disease. 

10. Improves Memory and Overall Cognitive Function

Recent studies have shown that weight training helps with memory and overall brain function. This comes in handy on those busy days when we tend to get scatter brained.

As a woman I know the weight room or weight rack at the gym can be intimidating. We often skip over it and head for the cardio equipment instead. But give it a try. You'll be glad you did! Weight lifting has given me by far the best results than when I ran my ass off every day and couldn't figure out why I didn't have the body I wanted. You have to have all pieces to the puzzle: cardio, strength train, & eat right. So, my healthy & hot ladies! Hit up your local gym & hit the weights! Or get your own and start out at home. Don't be afraid to keep increasing your weight, you are stronger than you think & will tone & firm, not "bulk up"!