Thursday, September 11, 2014

Healthy is HOT! Fit for Fall Challenge

Healthy is HOT!
Fit for Fall Challenge

Don't fall victim to all the sugary pumpkiny indulgence this fall - instead work on becoming a better you, and learn some healthy pumpkin recipes!!

It's back! After a break for summer in the Healthy is HOT challenges, many challengers have been asking when the next one is going to start... IT'S TIME! 

12 week program designed to help you learn, develop, and incorporate healthy habits and lifestyle choices. Weekly nutrition and fitness goals, discussion topics, homework, and accountability! Great for staying on track through the beginning of the hectic holiday season, where so many of us overindulge & skip the gym. 

YOU! That was easy. J This challenge is for women who want to eat better, feel better, and get healthier.

12 week program designed to help you learn, develop, and incorporate healthy habits and lifestyle choices.
  • ·         Weekly nutrition and workout goals – often  with video accompaniment
  • ·         10 day cleanse
  • ·         Healthy recipes/grocery lists
  • ·         Weekly discussion topics
  • ·         Biweekly phone check in - one on one with me
  • ·         Group 5k (training plan included – don’t worry if you aren’t a runner!)
  • ·         DAILY accountability, motivation, and support
  • ·         Progress tracking through weigh ins, progress pictures, and body measurements

September 22, 2014 – December 6, 2014

The fee for this program is $100/participant; this includes the program & cost of your challenge t-shirt.
As mentioned above, this program starts with a 10 day cleanse – I recommend using the AdvoCare herbal cleanse (~$31.50), if you order your cleanse through me, your program fee will be reduced to $75, essentially allowing you to include the cost of the cleanse in your program fee. To order: go to - I will receive a confirmation email once you have placed your order! J

Scale and fabric measuring tape
Notebook to track progress
App – MyFitnessPal
Access to Facebook
AdvoCare 10 day herbal cleanse
Measuring cups/spoons
Tupperware/baggies/lunchbox to pack foods daily
Food Scale
Blender ball Shaker cup
Positive attitude J
Gym membership not required, although beneficial – if you don’t belong to a gym, some home workout equipment such as free weights is recommended!

This program is largely based online through a private Facebook group where all information will be posted and where you can post. Information is private to those within the group and will not be shared publically without permission. I can say many people have had success with these challenges, if you are willing to be disciplined and push yourself. Being that we won’t see each other all that often, (but hopefully some!), I’m not there to know if you’re really sticking to the plan or not. At the end of the day, you are responsible for the work you do, or don’t do.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Carb Cycling

Carb Cycling- explained!

Since I started the last portion of the training program I have been doing - I've been getting lots of ?s about my diet in this last phase, for which I am following a cycle of low and high carb days. There are lots of ways to do it, so I'm going to explain the basics:

What is it?

It's a meal plan that alternates high and low carb days. This is a style used by many fitness athletes because it's the best of both worlds. You can build muscle as well as burn off fat with this style of eating. This is accomplished by depleting and replenishing muscle glycogen stores:
  1. glycogen. Principal storage carbohydrate of animals, occurring primarily in the liver and resting muscles. It is also found in various bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. Glycogen is a branched polysaccharide, a long chain of glucose units, into which it is broken down when energy is needed. (
boosting fat burning and muscle building hormones, increasing thyroid activity, and sparing your mental state by not living in a low carb world all the time. :D I find long periods in this state cause me to become hangry..
Nobody likes Hangry Iris, nobody. So carb cycling has been great for me! 

On higher carb days, your body releases more insulin into the blood to grab nutrients and shuttle them into the muscles, where they are stored as glycogen, helping rebuild and repair the muscle tissue. Having a high carb day also fills up your energy tank, so you're ready to take on an intense workout like a leg training day or back day, where you're using lots of large muscles that burn a LOT of calories. 

On low carb days, your body makes the switch from burning carbs as a fuel to burning fat as fuel. Once the glycogen stores are gone, your body dips into your fat stores to keep the motor running. 

How is it done?

Here's where it gets tricky, as there are many ways to 'cycle' your carbs. 
On low carb days, aim for minimum of 50g to a max of 1g/pound of body weight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you could eat 50-150 g of carbs on a low day. This lets your body use up the glycogen stores and switch over to fat as fuel. If you're getting in the 50g, you can also ensure you're sparing your lean muscle tissue from being broken down to be used as fuel. You want to hang on to that hard earned muscle!!
On high carb days, you can go as high as 1-3g of carbs per pound of body weight. Again if you weigh 150 pounds, you could eat between 150 - 450 g of carbs. This is all dependent on your personal response to carbs, and how efficiently you use what is put in! Most women fair better on a lower carb side of it due to our hormones, so when first trying out cycling, start on the lower end of the scale and adjust from there.  

What kind of carbs? 

The kind found in good for you, nutrient dense foods! Root vegetables, greens, oats, whole grains, brown rice, fruit, etc. High carb days doesn't mean stuffing yourself with doughnuts and cookies, although they do allow room for a treat or a craving! The majority of your carbs should come from complex carbs, which break down more slowly in the body and keep blood sugar/energy levels balanced. 

What about the other macros??

Proteins and fats will make up the remainder of your little pie chart (my fitness pal users know what I'm talkin!) aka the remainder of your calories :)
Protein will stay pretty consistent throughout your cycle, aim for 1 - 1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight, split up between 5-7 meals per day. This protein should be from high quality sources likes whey, egg whites, fish, poultry, lean red meat, and non fat dairy products if you include dairy in your diet. 
Fat is the sliding scale, as it is making up the balance of calories depending on if you are on a high or low day (between 10% of daily calories to 40%) Fats should be from healthy sources - nuts, nut butter, avocados, olive oil, etc. 

How often to cycle? 

There's a million different ways! 
You can align it with your workout schedule, on heavy lifting, large muscle group days, (leg, back) - high carb, on cardio or lighter, smaller muscle group days (arms, abs, rest day) - low carb. 

You can do it based on how you respond to carbs, if you're pretty sensitive to carbs and would like to ramp up weight loss, do 2-3 low carb days, then 1 high carb day. 

Alternate low and high carb days. This is an easy way to introduce yourself to carb cycling and lose weight.

If need more carbs, say you're an athlete and you want to lean out without compromising performance..  you can do 2 high carb days, 1 low carb day. 

Other things to keep in mind 

Anyone can do it!! It leaves room for treats, but also fuels the body with wholesome nutrients, so you end up with the best of both worlds. It's very flexible and can be tailored to fit your needs. Maybe you aren't ready to jump in with both feet into the clean eating world but want to clean things up a bit.. give it a try!

DRINK YOUR WATER!! Gallon a day. It sounds like a lot, but seeing as how most of us are chronically dehydrated, you will be amazed at how getting your hydration on point will make you feel. Also! Protein is high, meaning that you need to be adequately hydrated to flush out the by-products of protein metabolism.

Prep your food! Premaking foods helps you stay on track no matter what style of eating you are following. This means measuring cups and a food scale. Weigh and measure everything you can. That way you can grab and go or you always have your food ready, rather than having the inner struggle with yourself to cook something for dinner or grab a pizza. When it's already made, the decision is easy. :) 

I am personally doing 3 low carb days, and 1 high carb day, keeping my calories around 1450/day.. ish.. It has been a struggle at times and I've slipped up a little here and there but I am learning and enjoying this style of eating. I don't find myself hungry sticking with my schedule of planned out meals, and I have plenty of energy for my intense workouts. I prep my foods 2 days a week for 3-4 days at a time. I get my gallon of water in every day. I feel my body leaning out but still enjoying the foods I love. 

There are tons sample carb cycling meal plans out there, and by using myfitnesspal, it's easy to make your own. Plug in different foods and make adjustments as needed based on your own goals. I've been making my own plan from several different meal plans that I've found from, FitnessRx, and Chris Powell

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Fling Challenge - in full bloom!

The Healthy is HOT Spring Fling challenge blossomed into something really beautiful this spring. This challenge started in February and just finished last weekend. This was the follow up challenge after the Healthy is HOT for the Holidays challenge that kept a great online group of women accountable and healthy through the holiday season. During a break in the challenges, my friend Brandi and I also hosted an online Advocare 24 day challenge group that helped kick off the Spring Fling challenge, a couple of the spring challengers started in the 24 day challenge group. So it has been a solid 8 months of coaching, watching, learning and challenging people to take charge of their life and their health. What an amazing experience it has been. 

This challenge was a little different than the holiday one.. we ditched the weekly weigh in's and only checked our progress a few times over the 12 weeks, not just on the scale but also through measurements and non scale victories like fitting into an old pair of jeans. I wanted to show these ladies that change and progress and HEALTH and sexiness is about so much more than a number on a scale. It's about learning to be in love with your body no matter where you are in your journey. It's about how you feel, your energy level, how your clothes fit, how you see yourself.  

We got together multiple times over the course of the challenge for bootcamps with another amazing challenge group hosted by the wonderful Natalie Rensi, we were very blessed to have met each other and get to get our great challengers together for sweaty 'fun'. ;) My challengers also got together for fun walks in the park, a 5k, and a healthy potluck get together to wrap things up. 
By the end of the challenge I felt like we were one big family even though many of the girls didn't know each other when the challenge began. If anyone had a bad day, fell off the healthy eating wagon, or missed a workout, there were hands reaching out from every direction to offer a word of encouragement and kindness. Such grace, compassion, and empathy these women have!!! What a beautiful thing it is to see so much positivity and kindess from people who are perfect strangers on a common journey. I wish everyone in the world could act that way!! 

Through weekly nutrition guidelines that didn't just give an assingment but also education about the foods we eat, our metabolism, calories, macronutrients, hydration, meal prepping, exercise planning -  we learned how to make it all relate to you and make it work in your life. These women have tools to continue their new healthy lifestyles into the summer and well beyond. They tried new workouts, started lifting weights, tried new cardio, ate new foods, shared recipes, shared tips and encouragement..  We starting seeing fat melt away and muscles appear, confidence was gained and fears were lost.. Between the 6 people who shared their pounds lost over the course of the challenge, well over 100 pounds have been shed. Just between 6 people! We had 20+ challengers. :) && not every goal was a weight loss goal!! Becoming healthier overall, gaining muscle and confidence, goals were made a crushed all over the place. 

Just wanted to share a little peek into our Spring Challenge, it was a great success. I am so proud of every single one of these women, they jumped in head first and embraced a healthy & hot lifestyle. :) Healthy is HOT will be taking a challenge break over the summer, planning on doing some traveling and some work on the house & planning a wedding! :D However stay in touch on my Join HealthyisHOT facebook page for mini challenges or bootcamps throughout the summer!

While you're out in your gardens this summer, tenderly caring for it, remember to treat your body that way! Feed it, water it, give it some sunshine and TLC & watch it bloom and grow into somehting beautiful! It's an amazing thing. 

Below are some pics from the challenge. Some of my girls were awesome enough to agree to let me share their progress with you. They deserve a huge round of applause!!! So proud of you all!!! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fake it til you make it

Saw this tonight on ig & thought! Lol this blog was born at damn near my heaviest, when I made a decision. I wanted to change, I wanted to look different and feel different and be healthier. I wanted to be one of those girls who wore workout stuff and drank a lot of water and got up early to workout (instead of the sleepy, diet dew drinkin college student I had become). I wanted to wear short shorts and bikinis and leggins with sweaters without lumpy bumpy and without the help of spanx! Lol! 
So here's my advice to anyone who wants to change their life - just fake it til you make it baby. Post motivational things, google shit you want to know about food, wear yoga pants, carry a water bottle, try a zumba class, set your alarm and try to get up early, if you don't get up, try again tomorrow! Sign up for a 5k, buy some new sneaks, stretch, talk about it, post pictures about it, do whatever u gotta do. Just keep faking it until you make it. You don't have to be an expert to get started. You don't have to know what you're doing at all. You don't have to go on some crazy ass grapefruit diet. Just start doing what you wish you could and never stop. Ask people who seem like they have what you want. listen to them, then start learnig for yourself, dont take anyone's word for it, EDUCATE yourself. you will start to build something amazing in your own being. You will start to make it. You might fall off track, off the wagon, down in zumba, in the grass after a run, but wherever you fall pick that ass back up and keep goin!!! THAT is what counts. THAT is how you change your life.
Late night instagramming turns into late night motivational blogging. Ha! Goodnight 😘

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Healthy is HOT Spring Fling Challenge

By now our Healthy is HOT for the Holidays challenge has created quite the buzz. We made it through the holidays, through the treats and parties and stresses, happier and healthier, weighing less as a team by well over 100 pounds, and on the path to making and crushing new goals in 2014. This is the FIRST time that I have stuck to a plan over the holidays and having a team to lean on made ALL the difference. We supported each other, shared our stresses and struggles and triumphs and smiles. We got together several times and made new friends. What an amazing experience, and what an awesome group of women.

So what do we do now? We have a spring fling challenge. :) Many of the veterans of the holiday challenge will be continuing their journey with the spring fling challenge, and we look forward to welcoming many new faces into team healthy is HOT as well.

Enough chit chat, here's the deets. :)


YOU! simple as that. This challenge is for every woman out there wanting to get healthier. 
Did you make resolutions this year? Maybe you want to lose weight, or start working out, or just lead a healthier life. Have you kept those resolutions so far? Let me help you make those resolutions stick this year. 

A 12 week program based largely online through a private Facebook group. There will be several in person events for all wishing to attend. I will post weekly nutrition & workout goals along with videos (workout demonstration and explanation). Assignments will include trying new recipes, posting completed workouts and food pictures for accountability & idea sharing! The group is an open and safe place for sharing concerns or questions. 

A Facebook so you can participate in the online group
Tape measure and scale or access to one
An open mind a positive attitude - you need to be self driven, I am not there to know if you aren't giving this your all. 
A gym membership is not required, although some home workout equipment is beneficial if you don't belong to a gym! 

First weigh in: Feb 22 
Grocery shopping field trip: March 5
Fun Active get together: March 22 - skating at the Chiller
Spring Fling bootcamp: April 12
Spring Fling 5k: May 3
Final weigh in/final bash: May 17

The fee for this program is $100/participant
This will include the program as well as your challenge tshirt
IF! you did the last challenge with me, you get a discount!
IF! you order an AdvoCare 24 day challenge from myself or Miss Brandi, you get a discount! During my last challenge, Tara (testimonial in the previous post!) used AdvoCare in conjunction with my challenge and lead the pack with a 25 pound weight loss. This is certainly NOT a requirement of the challenge, but after using various supplements, I highly recommend the AdvoCare line & am happy to answer any questions on any of their products. 

Want to sign up & get healthy & hot for bikini season??  

I will then send you a payment request via paypal, once you pay, you're in and will be added to the private Facebook group which will open on Feb 19. 

Any questions? 🙋 Shoot me an email at
Want to order a 24 day challenge? 
In order to qualify for a discount you have to have ordered from either Brandi or myself! :)

FYI - the challenge is ON SALE now through THIS TUESDAY (1/21) so if you are interested in ordering, don't wait!

Healthy is HOT for the Holidays Challenger Tara!

As the Healthy is Hot for the Holidays challenge drew to an end, I had a few standout girls who wanted to share their stories and experiences. These girls stuck it out for the entire 12 weeks, and committed to making changes for a healthier lifestyle, not just during our challenge, but carrying on into the future. It takes courage to share a story and pictures so please enjoy and embrace these amazing women! 

Meet Tara, 27 year old wife & mother of a very active toddler, working as a disability representative SR for Honda leave and disability. Tara is also an advocare distributor and got me interested in also becoming a distributor as well when I saw how well their 24 day challenge complimented my challenge & the success Tara was having on her weight loss journey. (Disclaimer! Using advocare is not required for the healthyishot challenge, nor did all participants use it) 

"Weight loss is a vicious cycle.  I would lose, then gain, then lose then gain. It all started after having a child. I have done the Advocare challenge 3 times now. I have lost about 17 pounds each time.  The last time I did the challenge I also incorporated it with the 12 week Healthy is Hot Challenge. I lost a total of 25 lbs and have kept it off and am continuing to lose.  My husband and I both swear by Advocare. The Spark gives us energy every day!  I am so excited for the next Healthy is Hot Challenge and I will incorporate the 24 day Advocare challenge with it!  Doing the Health is Hot Challenge has changed my life! I had done the Advocare before and as I said, I would eventually gain the weight back and have to start over. Doing the Healthy is Hot Challenge has given me better tools to continue. Continue eating healthy, alternating your workouts and calories.  I would recommend Advocare to anyone and the Healthy is Hot Challenge to anyone looking to lose weight and keep it off! Weight loss is not easy but being in a group with others that may have the same struggle or challenge in life sure helps push you along.  Just remember there is someone who is busier than you running right now!  The challenge is all what you make of it. If you want to get healthy, lose weight or maintain it’s perfect for anyone!"

Check out Tara's health & fitness page - CleanEatingForHealth 

Or her advocare site: www.advocare.1311130615