Sunday, January 19, 2014

Healthy is HOT Spring Fling Challenge

By now our Healthy is HOT for the Holidays challenge has created quite the buzz. We made it through the holidays, through the treats and parties and stresses, happier and healthier, weighing less as a team by well over 100 pounds, and on the path to making and crushing new goals in 2014. This is the FIRST time that I have stuck to a plan over the holidays and having a team to lean on made ALL the difference. We supported each other, shared our stresses and struggles and triumphs and smiles. We got together several times and made new friends. What an amazing experience, and what an awesome group of women.

So what do we do now? We have a spring fling challenge. :) Many of the veterans of the holiday challenge will be continuing their journey with the spring fling challenge, and we look forward to welcoming many new faces into team healthy is HOT as well.

Enough chit chat, here's the deets. :)


YOU! simple as that. This challenge is for every woman out there wanting to get healthier. 
Did you make resolutions this year? Maybe you want to lose weight, or start working out, or just lead a healthier life. Have you kept those resolutions so far? Let me help you make those resolutions stick this year. 

A 12 week program based largely online through a private Facebook group. There will be several in person events for all wishing to attend. I will post weekly nutrition & workout goals along with videos (workout demonstration and explanation). Assignments will include trying new recipes, posting completed workouts and food pictures for accountability & idea sharing! The group is an open and safe place for sharing concerns or questions. 

A Facebook so you can participate in the online group
Tape measure and scale or access to one
An open mind a positive attitude - you need to be self driven, I am not there to know if you aren't giving this your all. 
A gym membership is not required, although some home workout equipment is beneficial if you don't belong to a gym! 

First weigh in: Feb 22 
Grocery shopping field trip: March 5
Fun Active get together: March 22 - skating at the Chiller
Spring Fling bootcamp: April 12
Spring Fling 5k: May 3
Final weigh in/final bash: May 17

The fee for this program is $100/participant
This will include the program as well as your challenge tshirt
IF! you did the last challenge with me, you get a discount!
IF! you order an AdvoCare 24 day challenge from myself or Miss Brandi, you get a discount! During my last challenge, Tara (testimonial in the previous post!) used AdvoCare in conjunction with my challenge and lead the pack with a 25 pound weight loss. This is certainly NOT a requirement of the challenge, but after using various supplements, I highly recommend the AdvoCare line & am happy to answer any questions on any of their products. 

Want to sign up & get healthy & hot for bikini season??  

I will then send you a payment request via paypal, once you pay, you're in and will be added to the private Facebook group which will open on Feb 19. 

Any questions? 🙋 Shoot me an email at
Want to order a 24 day challenge? 
In order to qualify for a discount you have to have ordered from either Brandi or myself! :)

FYI - the challenge is ON SALE now through THIS TUESDAY (1/21) so if you are interested in ordering, don't wait!

Healthy is HOT for the Holidays Challenger Tara!

As the Healthy is Hot for the Holidays challenge drew to an end, I had a few standout girls who wanted to share their stories and experiences. These girls stuck it out for the entire 12 weeks, and committed to making changes for a healthier lifestyle, not just during our challenge, but carrying on into the future. It takes courage to share a story and pictures so please enjoy and embrace these amazing women! 

Meet Tara, 27 year old wife & mother of a very active toddler, working as a disability representative SR for Honda leave and disability. Tara is also an advocare distributor and got me interested in also becoming a distributor as well when I saw how well their 24 day challenge complimented my challenge & the success Tara was having on her weight loss journey. (Disclaimer! Using advocare is not required for the healthyishot challenge, nor did all participants use it) 

"Weight loss is a vicious cycle.  I would lose, then gain, then lose then gain. It all started after having a child. I have done the Advocare challenge 3 times now. I have lost about 17 pounds each time.  The last time I did the challenge I also incorporated it with the 12 week Healthy is Hot Challenge. I lost a total of 25 lbs and have kept it off and am continuing to lose.  My husband and I both swear by Advocare. The Spark gives us energy every day!  I am so excited for the next Healthy is Hot Challenge and I will incorporate the 24 day Advocare challenge with it!  Doing the Health is Hot Challenge has changed my life! I had done the Advocare before and as I said, I would eventually gain the weight back and have to start over. Doing the Healthy is Hot Challenge has given me better tools to continue. Continue eating healthy, alternating your workouts and calories.  I would recommend Advocare to anyone and the Healthy is Hot Challenge to anyone looking to lose weight and keep it off! Weight loss is not easy but being in a group with others that may have the same struggle or challenge in life sure helps push you along.  Just remember there is someone who is busier than you running right now!  The challenge is all what you make of it. If you want to get healthy, lose weight or maintain it’s perfect for anyone!"

Check out Tara's health & fitness page - CleanEatingForHealth 

Or her advocare site: www.advocare.1311130615