Thursday, January 15, 2015

Healthy is HOT! Winter WonderWoman Challenge



LOL! Can anyone relate to feeling like this come bathing suit season?? 

You know what will be here before we know it? Before we have time to get our act together and get to the gym on our own and REALLY buckle down and eat better (REALLY THIS TIME!)??
Say it with me girls, "Spring! SPRING! SPRINGGGG!!!"
Hard to imagine right now with these face chapping temps that make you want to snuggle under a blanket on the couch with cocoa and netflix, but it is coming, no matter what we do. These next 8 weeks will come and go, the question is what will you be doing during that time?? Will you be stuck under the blankets, refusing to come out until the daisies do? Or will you be working on YOU! Learning, developing, and implementing new healthy habits that are specific to YOU and work for YOU? Working up a sweat, slimming down, clearing your mind of negativity like the ice melting away, replacing it with positivity and self love, like the flowers popping back up after a long winter. 

Join me in an 8 week online challenge group to work on becoming a healthier, hotter you by the first day of Spring!! :D 

YOU! grab a buddy and sign up! Welcome to all women wanting to make positive changes! If you've been a challenger before, please join in again! This isn't a 'weight loss' challenge specifically.. Not everyone needs to! For some it may be about losing weight, for some it's about learning how to eat healthier, learning new exercises, building some beautiful muscles, learning how to make a fit life FIT IN YOUR LIFE!

8 week program designed to help you learn new healthy habits and incorporate them successfully into your life. 
Program includes:

  • Weekly nutrition and workout goals, lots of pictures and video demos! 
  • Advorcare 10 day herbal cleanse
  • Healthy recipes, grocery lists, meal prepping tips and instructions
  • Weekly (or anytime!) discussion topics! Participation in the group is essential to your success - so many different topics and questions get brought up, we discuss and learn!
  • Opportunities to workout together - Zumba & piloxing in Sunbury, OH, or hook up with other challengers in your area and find a local gym to keep each other on track! Group 5k (weather permitting)
  • DAILY accountability, motivation, support, laughter in our online facebook group, we share pics of our meals, what we did for a workout that day, what we struggled with, what we accomplished, or things that are totally not challenge related! The group becomes like a big family.
  • Emphasis on positivity, body confidence, and self love - this is not a competition - this about becoming the best YOU. Not becoming someone else. 
  • Progress tracking via food logging, weigh ins, progress pictures, and body measurements.
Program fee is $75, (25% off normal $100), allowing you to incorporate cost of cleanse into the challenge cost. (~$31.50) order at
Follow the sign up link, once I recieve your confirmation email I will send you a paypal link.
Challenge shirts will be available to order and shipped directly to you!

  • Positive attitude! If you HATE working out and you're 'too picky' to try anything new or healthy or refuse to cook, PLEASE, change your attitude and sign up. ;) Be open to change!
  • Advocare 10 day herbal cleanse
  • Blender ball shaker cup
  • Scale and fabric measuring tape for weigh in/body measurements
  • notebook to track progress
  • Access to MyFitnessPal to log foods
  • Food/water (water bottle or jug highly reccommended!)
  • Measuring cups/spoons/food scale
  • Food storage containers for prepped meals - tupperware, baggies, lunchbox
  • Gym membership not required, although beneficial, if you wish to workout at home, basic workout equipment is highly recommended! a set of dumbells, resistance bands, exercise ball, cardio workout dvds, etc..
This program is online based, via a private facebook group where all info will be posted and where you can post whatever you like. All info and pictures are private to those within the group and will not be shared by anyone without permission.

Sign ups end on Friday, 1/23/15
Online group opens on Saturday 1/24/15
Challenge starts on Monday 1/26/15 and runs thru Friday 3/20/15 (first day of Spring!)