Tuesday, November 1, 2016

HealthyisHOT! The Comeback Challenge

Who else is ready for a #comeback?? Last challenge group concluded in May, so it’s been a few challenge free months for us Healthy is HOT girls. But now, the struggle bus season is reallllllly upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…. Football, tailgates, parties… temptation at every turn!!

So it is time again to link arms Healthy is HOT girls and conquer. Red Rover Red Rover send over whatever you got, cuz we got this!!Together we will learn, motivate, and keep each other on track all through the most difficult season of the year to do so.

WHO? YOU! Calling all veterans, calling all newbies! Come back and join me for the Healthy is HOT! Comeback Challenge. Grab your best gal and sign up to start a journey to becoming a healthier, hotter, happier you on our way into 2017. You can support each other and make so many new fitfriends in the challenge, welcome to the sisterhood!! 

WHAT/WHEN? The Healthy is HOT! Comeback Challenge starts 11/14/16 and runs through 1/7/17. The Healthy is HOT! Comeback Challenge will include:

Challenge long workout plan! Focus on full body circuits and fun cardio! no gym required! (some home equipment recommended!)

Healthy meal plan suggestions. Recipes, meal prep tips, grocery lists. Learn about nutrition to fuel your body, and tailor it to YOUR body’s needs. This is not one size fits all!

Daily accountability, motivation, support and laughter in our secret Facebook group; challengers are encouraged to participate by sharing pictures of their meals or their workouts, tidbits from their day, what we accomplished, what struggles we’re facing.. The challenge really becomes like a big sisterhood! 

Emphasis on positivity, body confidence and self-love – this is not a competition, this is about becoming the best version of YOU! Not about becoming someone else.

Progress tracking through body measurements, progress pictures, goal clothes, non-scale victories! 

Fun healthy is HOT! Girl crafts – vision board, playing with food, coloring.. just some fun things to make everyone smile and keep reaching toward those goals!


You can now pay right when you sign up! No need to wait for me to send you a link. Please select the option to pay when you add your name to the sign up!