Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Fling Challenge - in full bloom!

The Healthy is HOT Spring Fling challenge blossomed into something really beautiful this spring. This challenge started in February and just finished last weekend. This was the follow up challenge after the Healthy is HOT for the Holidays challenge that kept a great online group of women accountable and healthy through the holiday season. During a break in the challenges, my friend Brandi and I also hosted an online Advocare 24 day challenge group that helped kick off the Spring Fling challenge, a couple of the spring challengers started in the 24 day challenge group. So it has been a solid 8 months of coaching, watching, learning and challenging people to take charge of their life and their health. What an amazing experience it has been. 

This challenge was a little different than the holiday one.. we ditched the weekly weigh in's and only checked our progress a few times over the 12 weeks, not just on the scale but also through measurements and non scale victories like fitting into an old pair of jeans. I wanted to show these ladies that change and progress and HEALTH and sexiness is about so much more than a number on a scale. It's about learning to be in love with your body no matter where you are in your journey. It's about how you feel, your energy level, how your clothes fit, how you see yourself.  

We got together multiple times over the course of the challenge for bootcamps with another amazing challenge group hosted by the wonderful Natalie Rensi, we were very blessed to have met each other and get to get our great challengers together for sweaty 'fun'. ;) My challengers also got together for fun walks in the park, a 5k, and a healthy potluck get together to wrap things up. 
By the end of the challenge I felt like we were one big family even though many of the girls didn't know each other when the challenge began. If anyone had a bad day, fell off the healthy eating wagon, or missed a workout, there were hands reaching out from every direction to offer a word of encouragement and kindness. Such grace, compassion, and empathy these women have!!! What a beautiful thing it is to see so much positivity and kindess from people who are perfect strangers on a common journey. I wish everyone in the world could act that way!! 

Through weekly nutrition guidelines that didn't just give an assingment but also education about the foods we eat, our metabolism, calories, macronutrients, hydration, meal prepping, exercise planning -  we learned how to make it all relate to you and make it work in your life. These women have tools to continue their new healthy lifestyles into the summer and well beyond. They tried new workouts, started lifting weights, tried new cardio, ate new foods, shared recipes, shared tips and encouragement..  We starting seeing fat melt away and muscles appear, confidence was gained and fears were lost.. Between the 6 people who shared their pounds lost over the course of the challenge, well over 100 pounds have been shed. Just between 6 people! We had 20+ challengers. :) && not every goal was a weight loss goal!! Becoming healthier overall, gaining muscle and confidence, goals were made a crushed all over the place. 

Just wanted to share a little peek into our Spring Challenge, it was a great success. I am so proud of every single one of these women, they jumped in head first and embraced a healthy & hot lifestyle. :) Healthy is HOT will be taking a challenge break over the summer, planning on doing some traveling and some work on the house & planning a wedding! :D However stay in touch on my Join HealthyisHOT facebook page for mini challenges or bootcamps throughout the summer!

While you're out in your gardens this summer, tenderly caring for it, remember to treat your body that way! Feed it, water it, give it some sunshine and TLC & watch it bloom and grow into somehting beautiful! It's an amazing thing. 

Below are some pics from the challenge. Some of my girls were awesome enough to agree to let me share their progress with you. They deserve a huge round of applause!!! So proud of you all!!!