Wednesday, March 30, 2016

HealthyisHOT4life 💪❤️👑 APRIL EDITION

Now we have made it through Feb and March, onward into April, ushering in spring and flowers and everything getting green and wonderful and beautiful outside again… Along with our wonderful, strong bodies! J Time to start thinking about those summer gardens, and summer bodies, what will we plant? What will we nurture to grow? What will we rotate in, what will we weed out? Will we try to plant new things? Will we return to things we know and love that grow every year? Will we think up new ways to keep out the hungry bunnies that nibble away at our new growth?


I have been trying to think how can these challenges really be a part of my challenger’s lives; and have come up with the ‘Healthy is HOT!4life’ challenge. One of my veteran challengers always says that she is a challenger for life, which inspired me to make a few changes Heart-13604-large[1]and hopefully create the best challenge yet that truly becomes a way of life!! So without any further ado, here’s the deets! The past two months have been great, my girl gang is in full sisterhood swing, motivating and lifitng each other up everyday. Who doesn’t want that in their life? Who doesn’t need it!! Some people have gotten so stuck in ruts that they don’t know how wonderful your body and mind can become with some hard work and your very own cheering section behind you every step of the way!

WHO? YOU! Calling all veterans, calling all newbies! Come back and join me for the Healthy is HOT!4life challenge – April edition. Grab your best gal and sign up to start a journey to becoming a healthier, hotter, happier you. You can support each other and make so many new fitfriends in the challenge, welcome to the sisterhood!!

WHAT? The Healthy is HOT!4life challenge April edition starts 4/13/16and runs through 5/11/16. The Healthy is HOT!4life challenges are month to month. These are general month to month, meaning they may spill over into the next month, but will be operating on 4 week periods. This means challengers are free to come and go on a month to month basis. The April edition will include:

Flower_path-003[1]          Month long workout plan! Focus on full body circuits and fun cardio! No gym required (but gym versions included as well for those who prefer!), pick the schedule that suits your needs and time availalibility to work out!

Simple-Flower-5780-large[1]       Healthy meal plan suggestions! Recipes, meal prep tips, grocery lists, challenge your inner HealthyisHOT chef!

flower-in-pot-15715-large[1]   Daily accountability, motivation, support and laughter in our secret Facebook group; challengers are encouraged to participate by sharing pictures of their meals or their workouts, tidbits from their day, what we accomplished, what struggles we’re facing, it’s all about supporting one another every day!

flower-simple-and-colorful-with-two-leaves--16330-large[1]       Emphasis on positivity, body confidence and self-love – this is not a competition, this is about becoming the best version of YOU! Not about becoming someone else. 

16797-illustration-of-a-yellow-flower-pv[1]      Progress tracking through body measurements, progress pictures, goal clothes, non-scale victories!

Simple-Flower-5780-large[1]Fun healthy is HOT! Girl crafts – vision board, playing with food, coloring.. just some fun things to make everyone smile and keep reaching toward those goals!


Reserve your spot today!!/showSignUp/10c084daeab29a1f85-healthyishot4life1

please provide your email address, I will send your waiver and payment request to the email provided.

Returning challengers from Feb/March - $25

Newbies - $50 for first month, & $25 each consecutive month after.

Did Feb but skipped March? $50 to rejoin!

Once you sign up, I will email you your waiver and payment request, once I have received both back and we’re ready to kick things off, I will add you to the group! 

****Please note that I will be on vacation for the first week of April with limited internet access, I will send waivers and payment requests as I can, but as long as you sign up on the sign up genius page, don’t worry! You’re in!